Education is no longer sufficient to thrive at the highest professional levels

Young Future Leaders Academy

This is the time of year when many of those recently graduated from secondary school are wondering about what awaits them when they head to university. While those who have just finished their undergraduate or postgraduate studies are either anxiously job-hunting or weathering the learning curve of a new, demanding, professional environment.

If they were lucky, or perhaps particularly self-motivated, perhaps some will have taken advantage of mentorship programmes at their schools or universities. Perhaps others will have applied for – largely unpaid – internships in their field of interest, accruing some of the necessary skills for their chosen field.
Doing so would have meant following the rites of passage of a different age, where many young people would have apprenticed themselves solely to one master – who in turn would have undertaken a solemn responsibility to hone not merely their craftsmanship, but to mould their character and prepare them for a life of virtue and high ideals.

Unfortunately, however lucky or enterprising today’s secondary school or university graduates may have been in terms of resources, it’s safe to say few to possibly none of them will have had the opportunity to be mentored through a multifaceted programme that guides them from childhood to adulthood – beyond their formal education – all while designing a continually-refined curriculum of skills, aptitudes and hands-on experiences, uniquely created to fit their temperament, interests and gifts. A programme that paces its mentorship across a much longer-term of development and maturity – and which adds progressively more and more resources and opportunities to add to their pre- and post-university CVs, all while exposing them to an ever-expanding and international network of professional peers and associates.

There are many twists and turns, surprises and crises in life. But nothing prepares us, either for the workplace or simply the endless catalogue of adult responsibilities, like the assured presence of a benevolent authority, dedicated to our success in life and our progress to fulfilling our potential.

Of course, parents will give their children their best in terms of encouragement and financial support, but the truth is, a mentor whose deep commitment is matched by their ability to open professional doors, who can apply the latest in psychometric testing to pinpoint a young person’s strengths and weaknesses, and who can offer skills-based drills, escalating professional challenges and a wealth of opportunities to go beyond a young individual’s comfort zone (which, yes, often remains in place at school through university), is irreplaceable.
Young Future Leaders is proud to present its Academy, mentoring teens from the ages of 11 all the way up to young professionals of 24+ years, through a dynamically designed, phased curriculum, targeting all the areas that a traditional school and university education will often lack the capacity to provide.

From pre-teen coaching, public speaking and entrepreneurship workshops to build confidence and structured communication, to employability skills workshops, job fairs and broad professional exposure at multi-company internships, with eventual entry into a targeted company induction programme or a start-up incubator, Young Future Leaders hones both the corporate and entrepreneurial mindsets from the most tender ages, remaining at their side at each important life transition, to allow an extraordinary flowering of native potential.
In life, there is absolutely no substitute for that deep sense of self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-reliance that the highest performers and leaders display (and enjoy).

A privileged start in life or a rare education is no longer sufficient to compete and thrive at the highest professional or personal levels. Only when the passionate pursuit of a dream partners with a prepared and disciplined mindset can an individual truly find their wings. At Young Future Leaders Academy, young people can take flight, knowing they have a wise navigator guiding them towards their personal horizon.

Leonidas Alexandrou
Founder Young Future Leaders
Youth Mentor, Youth Motivational Speaker